AUR クリーンアップデー

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AUR クリーンアップデー は、2年ごと(奇数年)の9月20日に開催されるイベントです。

AUR には多数の時代遅れのパッケージが存在しており、クリーンアップが必要です。提案するパッケージをアナウンスメールにリンクされた協力文書のテンプレートに投稿したり、aur-general メーリングリストに提出したり、リクエストを直接投稿したりしてください。Trusted Users が集まり、削除するべきパッケージを確認します。

コラボレーションやチャットのために、#archlinux-aur に参加してください。


# AUR Cleanup Day September 20th 20XY

## About

AUR Cleanup Day is a bi-yearly (odd years) event on the 20th of September.

The [AUR]( has a large number of obsolete packages which could use cleaning up. Post suggestions of packages below, submit them to the [aur-general mailing list](, or file [requests]( directly. [Trusted Users]( will get together and confirm which packages should be removed.

Join [#archlinux-aur]( to collaborate and chat.

## Template (Package list)

### Candidates

Check for the package in the sorted lists below before adding.

- [PKGNAME]( - Reason

#### Informative heading

- [PKGBASE]( - Reason

### Possible reasons

- Does not work anymore

- Deprecated by [PKGNAME](

- Obsoleted by [PKGNAME](

- Replaced by [PKGNAME](

- Duplicate of [PKGNAME](

- Project page and sources are not available

- "Dead" project; it's very old and does not work with the latest versions of its dependencies

- "Dead" project and too old to be useful

- Project page and sources are not available

- Not needed anymore (it's for old PKGNAME), broken source link

- Old dev-version (CVS/SVN/etc), PKGNAME project uses Git now

- Is it needed in Arch Linux?

- Broken links (see comment by USERNAME)

- Outdated for a long time

- This one should be renamed

- Deprecated by upstream

- Outdated, orphaned

- Broken links, too old, not maintained

- Included in extra/PKGNAME

- Already included in core/PKGNAME

- Old beta version, broken source link, replaced by [PKGNAME](

- Maintainer wrote that it may be deleted

- Dropped upstream

- Depends on [PKGNAME]( and has not been updated for N years...

- Development discontinued, project page deleted and current version does not work

- Too old to be useful, broken source link -- hm, what is USERNAME's Opinion?

- This package is no longer needed (see comments)

## Template (TU)

**For editing by TUs only!**

### Packages to Remove

In community:

- [PKGNAME]( - Replaced by PKGNAME

### Packages to Keep

- [PKGNAME]( - Reason

#### Possible reasons

- It is for compiling old stuff, let's keep it, does not harm

- Seems to be actively maintained

- Still useful, because ...

- So this package should maybe be orphaned, no obvious reason to delete it

- Needed by PKGNAME

- Package has new and active maintainer

- Seems to be down sometimes, but sometimes it works again. Package is maintained and has votes

- Should be rewritten, not dropped

- I orphaned the package

- It's not dead, it only needs some changes to work again

- Package builds with little tweaking

- Builds fine with a little patch in pkgrel N